Working With Us

Any construction project has

3 key members:

client, architect, and builder. Each of these primary contributors must work in harmony with the same goals to achieve a successful construction project. A.P. Savino LLC works in two contracting formats: Construction Management and General Contracting. Each process has its own unique advantages and disadvantages depending on factors such as site, structural complexity, design team, and client involvement. One of the most important differences is how profits and overhead are earned. Construction Management is fee based whereas General Contracting is margin based. A.P. Savino offers the same level of service whether acting as Construction Manager or General Contractor. Long after concepts are forgotten, drawings filed away and the checkbook balanced, you will be looking at, stepping on, and living under the builder’s contribution to your project.

Below are options for working with A.P. Savino on your next construction project.

Construction Management Option

  • We work for you, not against you - we are part of the team.
  • You can evaluate each of the many decisions you will need to make in a timely fashion. You can review many more options than if you try to make all your decisions upfront. You make informed decisions.
  • We handle the budgets, accounting, bidding, contracts, inspections, schedule, quality assurance, payments, lien waivers, insurance, warranties, etc. You and the architect handle the products, design and finishes you desire.
  • We eliminate all risks of a general contract: under bid and incomplete, shoddy work, tardiness, delays, constant and expensive change orders, etc.
  • We do the numbers, numbers, numbers. We start with a pre-bid budget, the update it with a proposal budget, finally tracking each line item of actual cost against the proposal budgets.

General Contracting Option

  • We work closely with you, your architect, interior designer and landscape architect to interpret design and construction issues.
  • All details of a project are worked out before contracts are signed and all modifications are documented and approved in written change orders.
  • You have greater control of cost and schedule.

The A.P. Savino LLC



You retain the experience of Tony Savino, Principal, and the entire management team, which includes over 600 projects and over 30 years of experience.


We believe communication is essential. We listen to what you say and make sure we understand what you mean. If you have a question, we find the answer. We take notes, we follow through, and we document with e-mails and memos. We are never late for appointments.

Contacts & Relationships:

If real estate is 80% location, then building is 80% contacts and relationships with tradesmen. The difference between acceptable and outstanding is skilled people in the field who actually build your house. At A.P. Savino LLC, we know the people and we continue to qualify more each year.


We put our relationship on the line for each project. We will always look you in the eye and tell you the truth, even when we know it is not what you want to hear.

A.P. Savino LLC & You

The most important reason to hire A.P. Savino LLC is the thoughts, feelings and comments of our clients. People whose homes (not just houses) we have systematically taken apart and then put back together, virtually around them. People who walked us around a tree-covered lot with an idea, then watched as we made it grow into their home.

A.P. Savino LLC has won numerous awards by bringing strong design and building processes to their projects. Enjoying longstanding relationships with architects, tradesmen, material suppliers, building officials, and most importantly, clients, has been the hallmark of A.P. Savino LLC.